About Me

See that picture up there? That’s me, 6 months after the birth of my second and final son, and about 50 lbs ago. (I’m probably being generous with that number). That’s not my ultimate goal weight at all, but it is the last point where I remember not having to worry about weight limits on ladders or water park rides, and before it became a struggle to buckle the seatbelt in my car.

I’ve started and stopped this “journey” to living more healthfully so many times, and as always, I’m saying that this is the Last Time. I’d love to share my journey from “the big 300” to wherever I end up, hopefully one day at a healthy spot, and more like the day of my wedding, which is the picture I *wanted* to use for this blog:


I know “how” to do it, and I know how I got here: sugar. Laziness. Alcohol. I just need a little help motivating myself to keep going, to not give in to a bag of chips and soda on my stressful drive home. To not feel like I “deserve” a piece of 1000-calorie cake…once a month or so. I am a completely open book. I don’t have secrets. I was diagnosed with depression about 6 years ago (although it should have happened 10 years before that) and I do think that my last anti-depressant contributed to my weight gain. But regardless, the real problem is that I was not in control of my own body and what I put into it. In the past week, I’ve begun taking that control back, and I would like a place to “put it all out there”.

I also love to cook, and always find that the key to any new lifestyle change/diet/etc. is to PLAN and PREP. I’ve had fun doing it this past week, and I hope that writing this blog and including my recipes will help to drive that fun forward. Hopefully you enjoy my unorthodox style and irreverent humor. Or at least learn something along with me. What you won’t find? Good food photography (sorry, those just aren’t my skills), tons of fat-free/sugar-free/processed “shortcuts”, or workout instructions (I am not a trainer, and other than swimming I rarely exercise myself…something I’d like to work on). What you will find? A commitment to cleaner eating, brutal honesty about my triumphs and struggles, and occasionally a cute kid pic may pop up.

Other than food, I love good music, Jesus, studying Economics, Your Mom jokes, the Olympics, climbing a mountain, and I absolutely ADORE the two little boys for whom I would choose to live forever.

Join me! Invite your friends!